Time has aged, fashion repeats itself and the future looks nostalgic. With order globalism has created a new civilization/culture, excessively controlled, unprotected and depressed. Ambition for power and money floats without substance like a bored familiar junkie who has abused everyone and everything. Ancient cities, and treasures of nature disappear. People and animals are abused and all this in a world that is educated with democratic principles and religions touting love. The mind refuses to understand and the repugnant visions accumulate in the bowels of existence. A Pandemic of indigestion overcasts humanity. This serenity is not reminiscent peace. Its an uncomfortable silence, a charged stillness. It is the Silence of the Lambs. Is it love that gives them the power to survive the bloody centuries? Their healing look gifts forgiveness and they who feels it know the answer.

Lydia Venieri
New York 2018