2019 - APATHIA

Treasure Hunt in Delos Island

A Night of Philosophy

School of Fine Arts

Video Graffiti

Dramatic Nights

Dance, Music & Performance

Rite of the Pigéage


Time has aged, fashion repeats itself and the future looks nostalgic. With order globalism has created a new civilization/culture, excessively controlled, unprotected and depressed. Ambition for power and money floats without substance like a bored familiar junkie who has abused everyone and everything. Ancient cities, and treasures of nature disappear. People and animals are abused and all this in a world that is educated with democratic principles and religions touting love. The mind refuses to understand and the repugnant visions accumulate in the bowels of existence. A Pandemic of indigestion overcasts humanity. This serenity is not reminiscent peace. Its an uncomfortable silence, a charged stillness. It is the Silence of the Lambs. Is it love that gives them the power to survive the bloody centuries? Their healing look gifts forgiveness and they who feels it know the answer.

Lydia Venieri
Havana 2018

Ο χρόνος γέρασε, οι μόδες επαναλαμβάνονται και το μέλλον ειναι νοσταλγικό. Μεθοδικά και με τάξη, ο γκλομπαλισμός δημιουργεί ένα νέο πολιτισμό, υπερβολικά ελεγχόμενο, απροστάτευτο και καταθλιπτικό.
Η φιλοδοξια για δύναμη και χρημα αιωρείται κενόδοξα και βαριεστημένα σαν παλιό γνώριμο τζάνκι που έχει πλέον καταχραστεί τους πάντες και τα πάντα. Χάνονται αρχαίες πολιτείες και θησαυροί της φύσης, κακοποιούνται άνθρωποι και ζώα μέσα σε ένα κόσμο υποτίθεται μορφωμένο, με δημοκρατικές αρχές και με θρησκείες που διαλαλούν την αγάπη. Ο νούς απαξιώνει κι η αποστροφή έχει συσσωρευτεί στα έγκατα των υπάρξεων.
Μια επιδημία δυσπεψίας έχει απλωθεί παντού δύσθυμα και βαριά. Η γαλήνη αυτή δεν θυμίζει ειρήνη. Είναι μια ησυχία ανήσυχη, μια ακινησία ηλεκτρισμένη.
Είναι η σιωπή των αμνών.
πώς συνεχίζουν οι αμνοί να διασχίζουν με αίσθηση παντοδυναμίας τους αιμοβόρους αιώνες? Είναι η αγάπη που συνεχίζει να μας κινεί?
Είναι το ιαματικό βλέμμα που χαρίζει άφεση αμαρτιών ξανά και ξανά? Αυτό που όποιος το νιώσει, κρατά την απάντηση?




Treasure Hunt

Boxes with the label “Antidote” will be sent to 40 artists around the world. The artists returned the boxes with a piece of art inspired by the theme - Antidote. The boxes will be hidden on the sacred island of Delos. A treasure hunt will be organized, where visitors will scatter around the island to find the “treasures”. Our long term goal is to attain the first floating museum - maybe an old war ship- where the artworks of the Mykonos Biennale will be exhibited, the museum of Archipelago.

Previous Antidote artists included:

A Night of Philosophy

A Night of Philosophy is a nocturnal event, inviting philosophers and artists to create a unique encounter between Philosophy, Art and the general Public. It is a sort of championship between Art and Philosophy about the meaning of things. It is based on profusion, simultaneity and free access. As a site-specific staged event, A Night of Philosophy offers each time a new experience. After Paris, Berlin, London, New York, Helsinki, UNESCO's Paris headquarters, Brooklyn, Lima, A Night of Philosophy will be held for the first time in Mykonos. As the closing event of Mykonos Biennale 2019, A Night of Philosophy takes its inspiration from Plato and will take the unique form of a symposium on love: philosophers and artists will all gather around the same table and propose vivid and visionary, actual and untimely evocations of love.

A Night of Philosophy is a series of events created by Mériam Korichi since 2010.

Previous Mykonos Biennale philosophers have included:

Dramatic Nights

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The Mykonos Biennale short film festival has screened in the screened at the beautiful Laka amphitheater over 100 works from around the world from directors including: