Andreas Kanellopoulos

Andreas Kanellopoulos


Andreas Kanellopoulos is a master craftsman in embroidery and textile embellishment, and a man dedicated to the art behind the clothes, whether that’s fashion, costume design, or accessories, whether that’s a millennial tradition, or the latest experimentation in materials and techniques… He was born in Athens, Greece where, after a brief training in fashion design, he studied academic and technical drawing. In 1993, moved to Paris where he got his degree in Art and Theatre History. After a successful internship at the Comédie Française, he joined the team as textile supervisor. The theatre and the opera became his life for the years that followed: as a collaborator for costume design, he contributed in various prestigious productions in France and other European countries while, at the same time, he started to explore the world of textiles, with studies in “art embroidery”. He started designing his first limited-edition embroidered jewellery and accessories, but also his first bespoke embroidered pieces of ceremonial clothing for babies and children in 2006. He continued to work as costume supervisor with the Bastille National Opera house in Paris until, in 2008, he decided to dedicate himself exclusively to embroidery and textile embellishment. He chose the name “Furor Brillante” – a shining fury – to defend his passion for the design of unique pieces, entirely hand-made with the traditional techniques of the French luxury craftsmanship. Besides the Haute Couture and the luxury ready-to-wear brands, he found that there were a number of private customers who shared his love for unique items created with love, and commissioned their own one-of-a-kind, custom-made pieces. Today, he moves on to the expansion of his sur mesure ventures, working alongside his clients to re-create clothes that are the epitome of exclusive luxury service.


Mykonos Biennale  -  Furor Brillante - screen shot

Furor Brillante

bambou and mixed media, 54x19x18 cm