Mykonos Biennale Trans-Allegoria

Dramatic Nights

Official Film Selection

116 (work in progress) Poster

116 (Work In Progress)

dir. by Julia Campanelli, United States
runtime: 15 min
screening: September 4th
Love ~ no bed of roses. A woman wakes up in a hotel room with a younger man at her side. She insists he leave, he resists, and the struggle begins. Is it the power of love, or the love of power that bring them together, repeating the same, bizarre, obsessive ritual, over and over again? The answer can only be found in Room 116.
A Whole World for a Little World Poster

A Whole World For A Little World

dir. by Fabrice Bracq, France
runtime: 15 min
screening: September 1st
A woman tells a great story to her baby. In the manner of a tale with princes and princesses, she remains into his memories to pass on his daughter.
An Undeniable Voice Poster

An Undeniable Voice

dir. by Price Arana, Adam Rothlein, USA
runtime: 16 min
screening: September 1st
Sam Harris, believed to be one of the youngest to survive the camps during the Holocaust, shares his amazing story of survival with philanthropist and activist Sharon Stone.
Brooklyn In July Poster

Brooklyn In July

dir. by Bob Celli, USA
runtime: 21 min
screening: September 1st
BROOKLYN IN JULY is the story of Frank Walker, an African-American WWII veteran working as a chauffeur. It is the summer of 1945. The War is all but won. The U.S. is riding a wave of triumph even as the undertow of unresolved issues roils beneath. Frank, like so many other African-Americans of the time, is drawn to New York by the promise of a better life only to be confronted by the same realities, fear, and hatred he hoped he had left behind. He is a man scarred by the past that is lurking skin deep.
Celia Found Poster

Celia Found

dir. by Rowena Woods, Canada
runtime: 9 min
screening: September 4th
Celia feels lost and old without her partner, Eddy. But beneath her aging exterior lies a vibrant and passionate artist, capable of generating magic through her daydreams. With the help of Eddy’s playful spirit, and the flick of a paintbrush, she finds her way back to laughter, love, and ultimately, herself.
Elene Poster


dir. by Sezen Kayhan, Turkey
runtime: 11 min
screening: September 4th
16-year-old Elene is an illegal Georgian immigrant who works at a tea plantation in Turkey. Feeling threatened by various encounters, she tries to be invisible in this foreign land. But it is not as easy as she thinks.
Five Lovers Down Poster

Five Lovers Down

dir. by Alexander Tuschinski, Germany
runtime: 4 min
screening: September 4th
Five episodes of world literature and history are combined to show the violent struggle between passion and the cold world around it.
Just words Poster

Just Words

dir. by Ilia Antonenko, Russian Federation
runtime: 25 min
screening: September 4th
A quiet domesticated policeman and his happy-go-lucky colleague are investigating a routine suicide. The policeman breaks the law and his own moral principles after he has heard a familiar voice from a victim’s cellphone.


dir. by Kalilah Robinson, USA
runtime: 13 min
screening: September 4th
1875, Indian Territory. Bass Reeves, is the first African-American to be deputized by the U.S. Marshal service. His wife, Nellie Jennie Reeves, tries to persuade Bass not to leave for his own safety, but Bass argues that it’s the best job he can get to keep a roof over his family’s head. When Bass charges into the desert, he engages in a shootout with two outlaws, Maha and Glen Huddleston, also African-American. Bass kills Maha in the gunfight, and arrests Glen, ordering him to carry Maha’s body across the desert back to Fort Smith. Over the course of their journey, Glen questions Bass’ choice of career and tries to psych Bass out in an unorthodox attempt at escape, a tactic that works as Bass begins to question his own mind in regards to the idea of justice and choosing to fight for a law and a country that may never fight for him.
Little Wolf Poster

Little Wolf

dir. by Emilija Gasic, Serbia
runtime: 5 min
screening: September 4th


dir. by John Hellberg, Sweden
runtime: 40 min
screening: September 1st
What could be easier than robbing a small tobacco shop on the outskirts of town? It's during the year's biggest horse race event and the betting center Washington's Tobacco looks like the ultimate hit for some fast cash. Mousse is a man of pride and principles and fed up with living as a second-class citizen. But what happens when he faces principles different to his own?
No Reception Poster

No Reception

dir. by Alexander Tuschinski, Germany
runtime: 8 min
screening: September 1st
Eastern Front, 1945. A group of German soldiers is fighting a Russian tank assault when suddenly two confused time travelers arrive.
Sangre De Cristo Poster

Sangre De Cristo

dir. by Pasquale Encell, U S A, Thailand
runtime: 4 min
screening: September 4th
An Anime style American Western where the heroes drink vampire blood to become fast and strong enough to hunt vampires. The blood keeps them from aging too but all of this comes with a price as their bodies become addicted to the blood and they rapidly will die without it.
Searching for Babel Poster

Searching For Babel

dir. by François Sibiude, Australia
runtime: 15 min
screening: September 1st
An amnesic camera wakes up in the middle of a battle.
Stone on Stone Poster

Stone On Stone

dir. by Mohsen Serajian, Marzieh Hakim, Iran
runtime: 8 min
screening: September 4th

The Telegram Man

dir. by James Francis Khehtie, Australia
runtime: 14 min
screening: September 4th
A BAFTA Los Angeles® winner and Australian Academy Awards® nominee, The Telegram Man explores the impact of World War II on a close-knit Australian farming community.

The Whole World

dir. by Julián Quintanilla, Spain
runtime: 30 min
screening: September 4th
As he does every year, Julián visits his dead mother in the village cemetery. She appears to him and they make plans... more or less 'together': she devises them and he obeys. But this year, Julián is going to get a very special request from his mother that will surprise... the whole world.
The Hobbyist Poster

The Hobbyist

dir. by George Vatistas, USA
runtime: 8 min
screening: September 1st
A short neo-noire thriller centered around a mysterious druggist visited by Sangstrom, a seemingly ordinary man in search of an undetectable poison. Yet, Sangstrom winds up getting more than he bargained for from the sagacious alchemist.
The Pharaoh's Eye Poster

The Pharaoh's Eye

dir. by Alejandro Alberola, Mexico
runtime: 8 min
screening: September 4th
A thief and a pirate will do anything to get their hands on an ancient Egyptian artifact.
The Ravens Poster

The Ravens

dir. by Jennifer Perrott, Australia
runtime: 22 min
screening: September 1st
When young Ruby's father returns unexpectedly from war, his volatile state makes it difficult for the family to reconnect. Ruby's anxieties are projected onto a pair of ravens, vigilantly defending their nearby nest, who become a catalyst for the troubled family's journey from crisis to healing.
The Servant Poster

The Servant

dir. by Farnoosh Abedi, Iran
runtime: 9 min
screening: September 1st
A bug became servant,servant became master
Wasati Poster


dir. by Ali Kalthami, Saudi Arabia
runtime: 34 min
screening: September 4th
Wasati is based on true events that happened during a play in Riyadh 10 years ago. The play was called 'Wasati bela Wastiah' which roughly translates to 'A Moderate Without a Middle-Ground,' where a group of extremists attacked the theater and the play was shut down. That story shook the society and it was all over the news. The film addresses that event and retells the story from a different point of view.
Who Sank Your Ships? Poster

Who Sank Your Ships?

dir. by Ella Kohn, Israel
runtime: 25 min
screening: September 1st
Yuli, a petite military photographer, is in love with Michael, a mysterious Ukrainian-Israeli soldier from her base. Michael has a girlfriend. One night, Yuli witnesses a harsh fight between them and decides to follow Michael. Through Yuli's dreamy eyes, a dreary military night becomes magical.
ZERO Poster


dir. by Mert Amasyalı, Turkey
runtime: 4 min
screening: September 4th
A 45 years old school janitor enters an empty classroom and is struck by an addition left unanswered on the board. The addition is the same addition he couldn't answer back when he was a 10 years old student. His teacher beat him up because of it and he still carries the scar on his face and on his heart. The janitor is struggling with solving the addition. Not because he doesn't know the answer, how couldn't he after the trauma but because he is afraid? He finally gives an answer: ''0''. Meaning the way he was educated is meaningless and his life after it had no meaning because he was trapped by the trauma.